Healthy Ageing Vision : the G6 for a Healthy City of Groningen

06/01/2017 - 16:37

By taking a broad approach to health, the municipality of Groningen (The Netherlands) intends to intensify its collaboration with the knowledge institutes and HANNN on the Healthy City theme. We hope that this will enable us to realize the Healthy Ageing goal (extending healthy years of life) and the municipality’s own health goals (reducing the health gaps between citizens and districts) more quickly. Structural, systematic application of knowledge and research in policy practice forms the basis of the vision and the implementation programme that accompanies it.

Health, or in the broader sense, wellbeing is becoming an increasingly important topic on the social agenda: good health is an important condition for pursuing an education, being employed and maintaining a social network. Conversely, playing an active role in society through education, work or other forms of participation has an undeniably positive impact on the wellbeing of citizens and therefore on their health.

The Healthy Ageing Vision links the municipality’s regular health-related tasks with policy programmes from the physical, social and economic domain. In the long term, the Healthy Ageing Vision is designed to form a joint perspective on healthy urban development, concentrating on the design of the physical and social living environment. Six core values (the G6) serve as the guiding principle for all municipal policy programmes: Active citizenship, Accessible green spaces, Active leisure, Healthy movement, Healthy building and Healthy diet.