Public consultation on the Urban Agenda's first partnerships

08/10/2017 - 16:44

The Urban Agenda for the EU has been launched last year as a new working method to ensure maximum utilisation of the growth potential of cities and to successfully tackle social challenges. It aims to promote cooperation between Member States, Cities, the European Commission and other stakeholders, in order to stimulate growth, liveability and innovation in the cities of Europe.

The work within the Urban Agenda is articulated around 12 themes:

  • Inclusion of migrants and refugees
  • Air quality
  • Urban poverty
  • Housing
  • Circular economy
  • Jobs and skills in the local economy
  • Climate adaptation (including green infrastructure solutions)
  • Energy transition
  • Sustainable use of land and Nature-Based solutions
  • Urban mobility
  • Digital transition
  • Innovative and responsible public procurement
  • They all focus on the topics of better regulation, better knowledge and better funding and have to include transversal issues, such as demographic change. To read more, click here.

The 4 first themes started their work last year already and recently launched a public consultation in order to help them prepare their action plan. The Housing partnership being of key relevance for older persons, we invite you to take a look at the consultation here. The deadline to submit your contribution is the 25th of August.