AFE INNOVNET project is to bring about real innovative changes

Submitted by AGE Platform Europe on Fri, 03/07/2014 - 17:56.

In what way do you believe the AFE INNOVNET project is likely to bring about real innovative changes to address population ageing in Europe?


As a European network- bringing together different actors in the field of ICT-led solutions – there is a lot of added value to bring. Not only in terms of facilitating contacts between local/regional authorities and research partners, private sector and civil society, but also to give a platform for everyone to exchange on their experiences, ideas and innovations.

As a second point, this project will develop methodologies to help local and regional authorities assess the socio-economic impact of having an age-friendly environment. In the current context of limited resources and pressures on local and regional authorities, such help can provide a good catalyst for working towards developing an age-friendly environment.


Why is it important for CEMR to be involved in this project? And what would be your role in the project?


For us, it is fundamental to be involved from the first stage in designing and developing EU tools that can help local and regional authorities advance their policy goals. Active ageing, demographic change are high on the agenda , and we believe by allowing them to have direct links with other players such as research institutes, civil society and future users, can help them to develop policies which match the needs and means on the ground. We feel we are best placed to accompany our members in such a process, which is therefore why we are leading the ‘mobilisation’ work package of the project; aiming to involve as many relevant stakeholders in this network as possible. Alongside this, the CEMR will provide ideas for developing a future Covenant on Demographic change, to enable the network to have a sustainable future, built on local expertise and experiences.

The CEMR has launched its campaign ahead of the European Parliament elections, with one of the priorities being to develop an age-friendly environment. Follow our campaign here and join the conversation using #myEUvoice


Christina Dziewanska-Stringer

Policy Adviser – Employment and Social Affairs