ATDAL Over40: defending the rights of senior workers in Italy

Submitted by AFE INNOVNET on Tue, 08/04/2015 - 15:51.

ATDAL Over40 (Associazione nazionale per la tutela dei diritti dei lavoratori over 40” – National Association for the protection of the rights of workers aged 40 +) is a non-for-profit entity established in Milan (Italy) since 2002. It is led by a group of unemployed citizens, mostly high-level managers and officers who have been forced to leave their jobs as a consequence of dismissals or individual resignations and were not yet entitled to receive a State pension although in some cases some of them were very close to qualifying for those pensions.

ATDAL Over40 focuses on people who lost their jobs at individual level (fired workers, people who were paid to resign or forced to resign through bossing /mobbing acts) and who were left, in most cases, without any kind of support. Since the beginning, the association has been working at various levels to find solutions for these senior unemployed people. In this context, the organisation has been engaging with political parties, public authorities and mass media by carrying out projects and actions aimed at helping unemployed people 40+ re-enter the job market and protect their rights. ATDAL Over40 also develops educational and information campaigns to raise awareness and trigger behavioural change among employers, older learners and workers as well as the general public.

The Association aims:

  • To represent senior workers (aged 40 to 65) facing hurdles that prevent them from to re-entering the job market, and to address the consequences that such situations can bring (family crises, social downsides, depression-related illnesses, etc.);
  • To lobby for legislative solutions in the field of job regulation, aimed at protecting senior workers forced out of the job market while still far from retirement age;
  • To lobby for legislative solutions aimed at: making it easier for the aforementioned workers to reach the right to retire, using State and local welfare instruments in their favour, and overcoming obstacles that arise from out-dated laws compared to the real situation of the Italian economy and society;
  • To demonstrate and enhance the professional skills and expertise of senior workers;
  • To support and ease in any possible way the re-hiring of unemployed senior people;
  • To promote “networking” among the Association’s members, so that new independent enterprises may be set up.

ATDAL Over40 is now based in Milan, Rome and other major cities in Italy.

ATDAL Over40 is a member of AGE Platform Europe and AFE-INNOVNET.

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