City of Stockholm's Elderly Services: Why we joined the AFE-INNOVNET network?

Submitted by AFE INNOVNET on Fri, 09/18/2015 - 09:58.

The Elderly Services Administration in the City of Stockholm is responsible for the coordination and development of elderly care in the City. 130,000 (about 14 %) of the inhabitants in the City of Stockholm are over 65 years old and this number is increasing. 20 % of the older people in the City of Stockholm, about 26,000 citizens, use some kind of elderly care. The City supplies many different services such as safety alarm, home care service, care homes, relief care, short-term care, daytime activities, and support for families and close friends.

Why we joined the AFE-INNOVNET project?

Our experience is that one can gain a lot by looking beyond the everyday routines and learning from other people's ideas and practice. This contributes to innovative thinking, which in turn generates many positive side effects. Also, being a part of the project has given us access to a very useful network. It is thus a privilege for the Elderly Services Administration to be included as a partner in the AFE-INNOVNET project, through which we get access to many different competences within the field. The AFE-INNOVNET project can help us to put the issue on the agenda in all of the city’s different administrations, not only by making them aware of the importance of empowering elderly people to remain healthy and independent for a longer period of time, but also by providing concrete examples on how this can be done.