CROSS - Citizen Reinforcing Open Smart Synergies

CROSS - Citizen Reinforcing Open Smart Synergies


The objectives set by CROSS can be summarised in three groups


CROSS will introduce in the pilot the transactional viewpoint through digital platform, able to manage both monetary and non-monetary transactions, in order to account for these transactions in the following areas of non-monetary economy:

Mutual service communities for assistance to elderly people;
Communities for social inclusion, fight agains unemployment and support to new poors and immigrates;
Learning communities for support to school dropouts and low culture people;
Communities of volunteers assisting persons with disabilities.
CROSS will involve in the pilot at least 300.000 users, living in four smart municipalities (out of three Member States) with their public service providers, four associations active in the non-monetary economy together with their developers. The service environment can be accessed cross-border thanks to a common digital platform.


CROSS will provide a digital platform, offered cross-border to citizens and organizations, able to perform identity management of users, transaction management, reporting of relevant non-monetary indicators, service exposure and discovery, semantic framework, community management.


CROSS will facilitate innovation in an ecosystem that involves a number of stakeholders active in non-monetary economy, such as: public authorities, citizens, urban communities, public service providers, service and application developers.
CROSS will facilitate delivery of at least the following innovative digital services:

A new generation of interoperable services and applications, that are upgrades of community-specific and local e-government services,targeted to members of the involved communities and citizens involved in the areas of assistance to elderly people; social inclusion of immigrates; learning support to school dropouts and low culture people;assistance to persons with disabilities;
Mash-up services generated by interoperability of the previous ones;
Distribution of multi-channel applications through a CROSS Application Store, with certification of the applications, online tools for open source application development and community support for developers;
Support to governance of the ecosystem through application distribution and reporting services, targeted to all the stakeholders according to their viewpoint.