Elderly Volunteers - A Ressource for the Society

Elderly Volunteers - A Ressource for the Society

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Eu Project

When the EVARS project took its beginning, the overall aim was to improve the potential of elderly volunteers as an extra and valuable resource for our society; in order to maintain some of the relationship oriented services of the welfare state, which are the areas where local authorities especially make austerity initiatives due to the financial crisis. The overall aim of EVARS also supports the need to develop a more sustainable and democratic welfare practice.

To obtain the overall aim, the EVARS project has 5 specific objectives:

1)    To develop, test and propose a training module for senior volunteers and professionals working together with senior volunteer                 

2)    To support closer links between organizations providing training activities for senior citizens and localauthorities

3)    To support competence development of senior citizens and to improve the quality of voluntary work from senior citizens

4)    To support and improve the mainstreaming process on local level for the engagement of senior citizens as volunteers

5)    Create political awareness on local and European level of the potential of engaging senior citizens in voluntary work