The project HOST, smart technologies por self-service to seniors in social housing , is a part of The Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) Joint Programme that is a joint research and development funding programme implemented by 20 European Member States and 3 Associated States.

The partners of the project developed a digital infrastructure of the social housing and a gateway to their services. 

Within the project, the technologies being nearly ready to use, the access to market depends mainly on strong trials and a large dissemination, so the proposed idea is :

  • to promote awareness of independent control among older consumers in selecting their own appropriate responses to requirements for a self-serve solution system;
  • to enrich the life of the elderly living in the current social house park, by developing the digital infrastructure of the social housing, and a gateway to their services;
  • to afford elderly in social housing with a large panel of ICT services and communication with and between their service providers and the “circle of support” composed of the family and local services, both public and private.