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Louth County Council
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Louth County Council
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Louth County Council
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County Hall
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Dundalk, Co. Louth, Ireland
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IrelandLouth County Council
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Local authority (e.g. community, municipality, town, city, county) » Full member
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122000 inhabitants
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TransportationHousingSocial participationRespect and social inclusionCivic participation and employmentCommunication and informationCommunity support and health servicesOutdoor spaces and buildings
Building on the previous information, please provide a brief summary (250-300 words) of your city or community's policies, programmes and services targeted at older people and how you are planning to make your community more age-friendly. If your application is successful, this summary will be published on the Covenant's website: 

The Louth Age freindly County programme is promoted and delivered by the Louth Age Friendly Alliance. The Louth Age Friendly County Strategy was developed on the 8 framework programme areas of the World Health Organisation Guidelines. The strategy was informed by older people ina widespread...

Engagement of older people: how are you engaging and involving older people in the process of becoming a more age-friendly city or community? (E.g. Seniors Council, focus group, open consultation, etc.): 

we have a well established Older Persons Forum and also carry out consultation with wide group of 200 people or more from time to time.

Cross-sectoral collaboration: What mechanisms have you/are you planning to put in place to facilitate collaborative planning and implementation between different departments of the local administration and across sectors?: 

We have a well establsihed Age Friendly Allaince comprising representatives from all stakeholder groups, public sector, private sector, Older Persons Forum, local government, etc