Meet our member: Cooperativa Margherita

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Cooperativa Margherita is a non-profit cooperative organization providing social integration and care services for elderly, children, youth and people with disabilities. Our mission is to pursue the interests of the community promoting human and social integration of citizens, especially disadvantaged ones, through the management of social, health and educational services. We work directly with end-users, trying to involve actively the communities of our territory.

We are 60 working members among educators, health workers, social workers, trainers, administrative and accounting staff supporting about 68 people with disabilities, 88 elders and 149 children. Our services include home-care services, management of day-care centres, the realization of training paths and social promotion events.

Age-friendly activities in the spotlight:

Home care service and assistance

It is a service for non-self-sufficient elderly people. It offers care and support to allow them to live at home with their families as long as possible in an active, autonomous and healthy way. Specialized operators tailor specific care interventions according to end-users needs and work in a network composed by the family, the general practitioners, local associations and informal groups to favour integrated care. This service represents our commitment towards AHA as well as integrated care.  See more.                                                                                                      

“In Gaja”

The service provides daily cares and supports the maintenance of cognitive abilities for non-self-sufficient elderly people in the first stages of different types of dementia (Alzheimer, Cognitive Decline, etc.), who are not eligible for care in nursing homes. “In Gaja” is connected with other services as: psychological support, home care, volunteers training, transport aid. See more.

Anchise Project. 

It is a project of transport aid for elderly and frail people), which involves local volunteers and provides approximately 175 transport services per month. See more.

September Alzheimer

Annual initiative promoting events and training moments to raise awareness on dementia, and in particular Alzheimer. See more.

Freccia Project

It offers moments for socialization for elderly people. See more.

We also organise other activities:


For more info and contacts:

Mr. Andrea Giaretta

EU project coordinator

+39 335 788 055 4

Facebook: Cooperativa Margherita