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00 386 1 306 4102
General Information
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Mestna občina ljubljana
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City of Ljubljana
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Mestni trg 1, 1000 Ljubljana
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Mestni trg 1
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Current affiliation
The European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy aging: 
The WHO Global Network of Age-Friendly Cities and Communities: 
An affiliated member of the WHO Global Network of Age-Friendly Cities and Communities: 
The WHO European Healthy Cities Network: 
The signatories of the 2013 Dublin Declaration on Age-Friendly Cities and Communities in Europe: 
Type of organisation
Type of organisation: 
Local authority (e.g. community, municipality, town, city, county) » Full member
Additional information
size of our total population: 
287347 inhabitants
Percentage of residents above the age of 60: 
24 %
We are already working on: 
TransportationHousingSocial participationRespect and social inclusionCivic participation and employmentCommunication and informationCommunity support and health servicesOutdoor spaces and buildings
Building on the previous information, please provide a brief summary (250-300 words) of your city or community's policies, programmes and services targeted at older people and how you are planning to make your community more age-friendly. If your application is successful, this summary will be published on the Covenant's website: 

The City of Ljubljana dedicates a considerable amount of attention to the elderly, basing its policies on previous good practices as well as active dialogue with its stakeholders.
The City of Ljubljana carries out all legislative activities: supplementary payments for institutional care,...

If you have already conducted an age-friendly baseline assessment of your city or community, please upload it (in original language if not available in English): 
PDF icon Research report 2013.pdf
If you have already developed a strategy or action plan to make your city or community more age-friendly, please upload it (in original language if not available in English): 
PDF icon Action plan Age friendly Ljubljana 2013-2015.pdf
Engagement of older people: how are you engaging and involving older people in the process of becoming a more age-friendly city or community? (E.g. Seniors Council, focus group, open consultation, etc.): 

1. The Council for Senior Citizen – related issues in the City of Ljubljana, the Mayor's consulting body: it was set up in 2006. Currently it has (female) head and 9 members (7 women and 2 men).

2. The Project Council “Ljubljana – healthy city”: it was set up in 2008. It has (female...

Cross-sectoral collaboration: What mechanisms have you/are you planning to put in place to facilitate collaborative planning and implementation between different departments of the local administration and across sectors?: 

Action plan is prepared in cooperation with departments and public institutes. Responsible person for implementing the measures from Action plan is City Administration and the individual municipal public institution and public enterprises. Measures are designed either as their regular tasks (...