VVSG (Association of Flemish Cities and Municipalities): why we joined AFE-INNOVNET

Submitted by AFE INNOVNET on Fri, 07/18/2014 - 11:12.

The Association of Flemish Cities and Municipalities (Vereniging van Vlaamse Steden en Gemeenten, VVSG) is the representative member organisation of all (308!) Flemish municipalities, of the public centres for social welfare (Openbare Centra voor Maatschappelijk Welzijn, OCMWs, the administratively autonomous social services) and of about fifty inter-municipal companies. It represents the interests of both local elected politicians and municipal employees.

The association’s first aim is to promote strong local authorities. Therefore, it develops and supports initiatives which enhance the quality of local policy, both through increasing the scope of municipal policy-making and through refining local democracy.

VVSG acts as an interface and broker of knowledge and expertise. It gives advice to its members and organises seminars for councillors and municipal employees. It distributes information to the local authorities via various new media, periodicals and books, and a documentation service. As representative body for the municipalities as employer the association negotiates for the sectoral agreements with the trade unions and the relevant authorities. Furthermore, VVSG defends the interests of the local authorities when institutions and other authorities address local policy matters.

Why is it important for VVSG to be involved in this project? And what would be your role in the project?

VVSG wants to provide a framework for Flemish cities and municipalities to become engaged in a process of making their communities more age-friendly and wants to link the municipalities to the goals and principles of the WHO age-friendly communities network.

VVSG has a large expertise in helping communities to become dementia-friendly.  We will be involved in WP 3 and will host the 2nd AFE-INNOVNET workshop on dementia-friendly environments on 3rd October.