Why Polibienestar joined the project?

Submitted by AGE Platform Europe on Thu, 04/10/2014 - 17:28.

Polibienestar is a Public Research Institute belonging to the University of Valencia (Spain), led by Jordi Garcés, Prince of Asturiasn Distinguished Visiting Professor at Georgetown University. It is specialized in research, innovation and social technology, technical advice and training in the field of public policies. With AFE-INNOVNET, Polibienestar tries to pursue its final mission to improve the Welfare and Quality of Life of society, in this case, of older people.

How Polibienestar will contribute and how you will benefit from the project?

During the two years of the project, Polibienestar will actively participate in all the activities developed under the project and will lead the “Support evaluation of innovation for age-friendly environments” activity that will provide regional and local authorities and instrument to evaluate their initiatives in age-friendly environments from a socio-economic perspective.

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