Why TNO joined the project?

Submitted by AFE INNOVNET on Fri, 05/09/2014 - 18:05.

In what way do you believe the AFE INNOVNET project is likely to bring about real innovative changes to address population ageing in Europe?

TNO is well aware that all over Europe, regions face the same challenge of having to deal with an ageing population and that one of the most effective approaches for responding to demographic change is to promote age-friendly environments. Rather than handling this individually and in an isolated manner, we can benefit from European exchange and integration – something AFE INNOVNET facilitates. Many solutions supporting active and healthy ageing have been developed as pilots across the EU in the last decade, but they remain isolated and do not get scaled up. Because of AFE INNOVNET practical tools are developed, actions are coordinated and large groups of different stakeholders are mobilised.  

Why is it important for TNO to be involved in this project? And what would be your role in the project?

TNO’s mission is to connect people and knowledge to create innovations that boost the sustainable competitive strength of industry and well-being of society. That mission is exactly why it is important for us to be involved in AFE INNOVNET; this European network is about connecting people and knowledge. As an independent research organisation we develop knowledge for practical application and we realise that we can never do this in isolation.

TNO is work package leader of the part of INNOVNET that deals with the online repository for notable and best practice. By means of this database, we will create public access to European initiatives in the field of Age Friendly Environments. Not only will TNO design the repository, but we will also develop an evaluative framework for the notable practices as to create insight in the socio-economic impact of the initiatives. From the notable practices entered into the repository, several particularly innovative and/or successful projects will be selected to foster take up and transferability across the EU.