AFE INNOVNET Webinar: “Age-Friendly Environments Meet Business: Perfect Match?”

22 September 2014

Demographic change is a challenge Europe and the entire world has to face, the health and care systems will have to be adjusted, in particular in budget constraint period for states, municipalities and regions. But we should not forget that demographic change also creates significant economic opportunities that should be seized with both hands.

For too long, the needs and demands of older people have been neglected, meaning that the potential of a business area has not been fully tapped. This new generation of baby boomers is said to be more demanding, imaginative and critical consumers of both products and services than the previous generation. These features might be explained by the fact that they are wealthier than their parents, they have a certain level of education, they are used to consume and they are used to a certain level of living standards. It is assumed that they will purchase and invest in all kinds of goods and services that will allow them a comfortable retirement, such as health related products and services or ICT solutions. Society has now understood that older people are potential consumers and an asset in our communities and for our socio-economic development. By meeting their needs and expectations, it can lead to more jobs and economic growth, as silver economy is a cross-section market that affects diverse sectors like health, mobility, ICT, nutrition or housing. This could be the chance to position Europe as the leader in age-friendly innovations.

The webinar will be the opportunity to give the floor to various speakers of the industrial sector that are working on age-friendly solutions. They will share with us their experience and try to explain how and why they got to work on the topic and describe the barriers they encounter(ed) and expose the notable results so far.

  • Sophie Schmitt – Co-founder of Seniosphere
  • Karina Marcus – Director of the Ambient Assisted Living Joint Programme
  • Bart Schelfhout – a Senior Manager European Affairs at Philips
  • Wolfgang Kramp – European Trainer Technologies & Regulatory Affairs at 3M

We invite you to join us on Monday 22 September 2014 at 11:00 (CET). To register, click here.

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