Next AFE-INNOVNET webinar: the Crisis - an opportunity to become Age-Friendly!

25 June 2014

From the onset of the financial and economic crisis, national governments across Europe have adopted measures to curb its effects. Reduced budgetary income in contrast with higher and more diverse demands on specific public services, have led to significant constraints in local and regional finances. Local and regional authorities therefore only had a limited number of possible responses to make savings without reducing services.

The second AFE-INNOVNET webinar will be dedicated to local and regional authorities that have seen the current situation as an opportunity to implement age-friendly initiatives in order to address some shortfalls and to turn challenges into new opportunities to become more age-friendly and sustainable. This webinar will be an opportunity for local and regional authorities to present and exchange practices and be inspired by their counterparts across Europe.

We invite you to join us on Wednesday 25 June 2014 at 11:00 (CET). To register, click here.

AFE-INNOVNET will welcome various speakers during the webinar, namely:

  • Irene Monsonis Payá – Project Manager at Polibienestar Research Institute, and Jordi Garcés Ferrer – Director of Polibienestar Research Institute, Spain –  “Alzheimer: intergenerational springboard of social and professional inclusion”;

  • Helle Juhl – Project manager at Health and Care Department in the municipality of Fredericia, Denmark  – “Life Long Living”;

  • Furio Honsell – Mayor of Udine, Italy – "Healthy Cities Udine";

  • Dimitar Pehlivanov – International cooperation expert at National association of municipalisties in Republic of Bulgaria (NAMRB)

Time will be dedicated to Q&A and further information will be uploaded in due time on our website on how to join the webinar (

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