Rights Matter - 15th Global Conference on Ageing (IFA)

Location: Niagara Falls, Canada
01 - 03 November 2020

The IFA is proud to be supported by an international network of partners and is committed to creating an environment that enables older people to do what they value through a deeper evidence-based understanding. The Conference will feature prominent experts presenting and discussing critical issues within the field of ageing. Under the title “Rights Matter” conference findings aim to respond to the intersection of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the priorities of the WHO Global Strategy and Action Plan.

Presentations will be focused on four central themes:

  • Addressing Inequalities;
  • Age-friendly Environments;
  • Combating Ageism;
  • Enabling Functional Ability.

Alongside a rapidly ageing population global inequality exists and the diverse needs of older people are apparent.  This diversity is often overlooked and underrepresented in policies and programs, negatively impacting older people and the ageing process.  Throughout this theme, various topics will be explored to better understand the multidimensional impacts of discrimination, marginalization and inequality on ageing populations globally.  Improving understanding of the ways in which identity and life experiences are compounded and impact older people is critical to developing solutions to address deeply rooted inequalities.  Discussions around social and health inequalities, as well as successful good practices and interventions that enhance policies and programs, will be present throughout this theme.

To submit an abstract, consult the following webpage: https://ifa2020.org/global-conference-on-ageing/program/submit-abstract/

Note that early-bird price for registrations apply up to 31 December 2019