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Human rights for older persons in Europe: Who cares?
23 June 2014

Following on from World Awareness Day on Elder Abuse (15 June), the 47-nation Council of Europe, the European Commission’s Directorate General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion and AGE...

Avenue des Nerviens 85, Brussels
Next AFE-INNOVNET webinar: the Crisis - an opportunity to become Age-Friendly!
25 June 2014

From the onset of the financial and economic crisis, national governments across Europe have adopted measures to curb its effects. Reduced budgetary income in contrast with higher and more diverse...

AFE INNOVNET Webinar: “Age-Friendly Environments Meet Business: Perfect Match?”
22 September 2014

Demographic change is a challenge Europe and the entire world has to face, the health and care systems will have to be adjusted, in particular in budget constraint period for states,...