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Citoyenneté, solidarités, libertés, vers une société inclusive
14 November 2019

Comment défendre un prendre-soin digne des citoyens fragilisés par l’âge, la maladie, le handicap ? Comment favoriser l’exercice de leur citoyenneté, de leurs libertés ? Comment...

Centre de congrès de la Vilette, Paris
ISG 12th World Conference of Gerontechnology
18 May 2020

Conference Theme

The theme for the International Society for Gerontechnology's 12th World Conference (ISG2020) is "Measures to achieve better quality of life and active...

Trondheim, Norway

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AFE-INNOVNET next webinar: “EU Funds for Age-friendly Initiatives”
19 November 2014

The webinar will be the chance to discuss European opportunities that support initiatives in the domain of demographic change and ageing population. Therefore three different Directorates-General...

AFE INNOVNET next Webinar on “Age-friendly Tourism”
18 February 2015

Europe is facing a similar demographic trend: 55+ European citizens will represent approximately 30% of the population by 2060. Not only will seniors’ needs and demands influence technologies,...

AFE-INNOVNET webinar: “Participatory Approach Methodology”
02 March 2015

Demographic change pushes local and regional authorities to adapt their cities and regions to the needs of the ageing population and identify ways to help people to live independently and actively...