Videos & Webinars

Rotterdam: creating a dementia-friendly environments

Achievements to date and priorities for the next three years of the AG on age-friendly environments

Covenant‎ and Polibienestar

Covenant‎ and Polibienestar - Envejecimiento

AFE-INNOVNET webinar on the Covenant on Demographic Change

AFE INNOVNET webinar "Age-Friendly Buildings and Outdoors"

AFE INNOVNET Webinar - Synergies with WHO and OECD

AFE-INNOVNET Webinar "The socio-economic impact assessment tool"

Researching Age-Friendly Cities

AFE INNOVNET webinar 4 - EU Funds for Age-friendly environments

Meet The Normals - Adventures in Universal Design

Dementia-Friendly Brugge - Costumer Remains King

Health Literacy in Europe

ESFAge - Active Ageing: Did You Know?

AFE INNOVNET webinar 2 "The Crisis, an opportunity to become age-friendly" Part II

AFE INNOVNET Webinar 2 - "The Crisis, an opportunity to become age-friendly" Part I

AFE-INNOVNET Webinar 1: A solution to demographic change