Co-Creating Welfare: an Erasmus+ Project

23 April 2019

The Co-creating Welfare project is a collaboration between partners from Denmark, the UK, France, and Portugal. It runs from September 2016 to August 2019, with the overall aim to contribute to the sustainable and effective development of the European society by supporting new ways of social innovation, development, and implementation of local welfare solutions. 

The main deliverable of the Co-creating Welfare Project is a set of tested training course materials which prepares managers and employees, working in public and private welfare organisations, to kick-start and run co-creation processes. The project defines co-creation as processes where staff in welfare organisations define and develop concrete welfare services in close dialogue and collaboration with citizens and users. Welfare organisations can be schools, child care institutions, nursing homes, youth clubs, etc.

The motivation for the development of the Co-creation training course materials is the broad and politically acknowledged need for reorganisation within the welfare sector to improve sustainability and cost effectiveness. Organisations that offer welfare services to citizens often struggle with budget cuts, a consequence of the world-wide financial crisis which has pushed forward the need to look at new ways of organising European welfare.

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