SEED: Supporting the recognition of the Silver Economy in Europe

20 January 2017

With the new challenges linked to Europe demographic change, older people have greater needs and expectations and there is still a clear gap between the demand and the supply. Therefore, the European Union is currently encouraging national and regional governments to boost the potential of the Silver Economy in various fields, such as health care, housing, transport, new technologies (ICT) and tourism among others. This creates a major drive for innovation, employment and growth at the local and national level.

The Silver Economy Awards will enable citizens to be aware of innovative silver economy solutions that have a clear impact on the older population. The awards will launch its first edition in the spring 2017. It will support the growth of the European Silver Economy and help local and regional authorities deliver better services for their ageing population and improve the quality of their lives.

You might have seen that a new tab has appeared on the Covenant's website linked to these awards. This shows the key role the Covenant on Demographic Change and its members will play:

  • in supporting the set-up of the awards,
  • in promoting the awards,
  • in participating in the selection of the winning applications,
  • in applying to the awards. 

The secretariat of the Covenant will keep you abreast of the main steps of the project via the newsletter, the website of the Covenant or direct e-mails to the members when relevant.

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