REHACOP & REHACOG brain training for prevention of disability

Cognitive rehabilitation and prevention from disability
Name of your initiative: 
REHACOP & REHACOG brain training for prevention of disability
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University of Deusto
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Dr. Natalia Ojeda
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The program is being translated and implemented in Portugal and Poland
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This practice has just recently been completed and local institutions through the Regional Government (Diputación Foral de Bizkaia), are looking forward to extending the experience to further similar environments for the maximum population benefit. This initiative was presented initially in the participants’ environment to know the process and encourage them to participate. They also provided feedback to the agents about their thoughts, worries and recommendations of improvements. This feedback, when possible, was implemented into the activity.
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Not for profit
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What are the main objectives of your initiative? Choose a maximum of 3 objectives.: 
Housing: increase the number of older people living independentlySocial participation: increase the number of older people who are socially activeRespect and social inclusion: increase in number of policies/strategies targeted at older people
Please describe any subgoals of your initiative: 
- Elderly people living independently - Preventing Cognitive decline, dependency and dementia - Wellbeing and quality of life
Target group
Does your initiative target people with a specific impairment or disease?: 
It can be used with Mild cogntiive decline and dementia
How many people have you reached or do you expect to reach with your initiative?: 
10.000 - 100.000
Does your initiative target a specific age group?: 
50 - 6465 - 7980+
Does your initiative target men or women?: 
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Knowledge transferResearchInnovation/action/applied
What type of intervention strategy is used in your initiative?: 
Living lab/pilotUser-empowerment and participation
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Not applicable
Who executes the initiative: 
(Social) Housing organisationHealth service contractersPublic authorityHospitalNon-governmental organisationProvider of informal careProvider of social serviceResearch/educational settingResidential long-term care facilities
What is the relevant physical scale of your initiative?: 
BuildingIn a care settingNeighbourhoodCare settingRoomIn a care settingRoomIn a residential setting
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End-usersPrimary health care providersPhysiotherapistProvider of medical goodsProvider of social service
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Is your initiative economically sustainable and does it contribute to economic development?: 
It saves money and socio-health resources through prevention
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Impact & outcome
Will you collect or have you collected outcome data for this initiative?: 
What do you consider the key success factors of your initiative? If your initiative has not yet started, please indicate what you expect the key success factors to be: 
Improvement of overall health of participants and saving budget to institutions and governments
What do you consider the main barriers to overcome in your initiative? If your initiative has not yet started, please indicate what you expect the main barriers to be.: 
Needs translation into other languages to be widely implement in Europe
What instruments will you use/have used to collect data?: 
International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF)Short Form (36) Health Survey (SF-36)
If you selected "other" instrument to collect data, please specify: 
If yes, how will you/have you collected those data?: 
Randomised controlled trial
Will you collect or have collected socio-economic impact data for this initiative?: 
Will or are the collected data in the initiative publicly available?: