Card Junta 65 - transport discounts and others benefits

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Card Junta 65 - transport discounts and others benefits
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Tarjeta Junta 65
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The Agency of Social Services and Dependency of Andalusia. Public Agency that belongs to the Regional Ministry of Equality and Social Policies (Government of Andalusia)
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Region of Andalusia
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Ana Carriazo
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From the total amount of beneficiaries of the Card Junta 65, the average age is around 69 years old and there are slightly more number of women then men. The outreach programme is the discount in transports with more then 5.640.000 subsidized travels and 313.711 beneficiaries in 2014. The main displacements are made because of healthy reasons (42%), familiar reasons (34%) or for leisure (24%). From that figures, a percentage of 60% of the transport use has been made in a distance between 0-50 km., 20% of a distance between 50-100 km. and finally the other 20% of a distance of more then 100 km.
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The Junta 65 Card is a free document that is at the disposal of people over 65 years old provided by the Regional Ministry of Equality and Social Policies of the Government of Andalusia, through the Agency of Social Services and Dependency of Andalusia. It is an ITC tool, provided with chip and magnetic stripe, about the services for elderly people, with no more formality. It was created in 2001 and it’s used for a period of 5 years. Its renovation is also free. With this card elderly people can enjoy of services and benefits in a very quickly and easy way: discounts, grants, access to programmes, etc. Between these services the cardholders have a discount of a 50% in the public interurban transports of general and permanent use, with origin and destination inside the Andalusia Region, that are provided by the companies that have signed an agreement with the Agency of Social Services and Dependency of Andalusia. Other services provided by the Junta 65 Card are in relation with the Tele-assistance Service in Andalusia, discounts in optical goods and hearing aids, legal advice service, dinning service, etc.
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Regional funding
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The Law 2/1988 of Social Services of Andalusia, set a public system of social services in Andalusia, with the aim of putting at the disposal of Andalusian people the resources, actions and services for the achievement of the comprehensive development, as well as the prevention, treatment and elimination of situations that lead to marginalization. In that way, the Law 6/1999 for the attention and protection of elderly people, guarantee a comprehensive system for the attention and protection of elderly people that give an answer to the planned, coordinated and global action for the physical, psychological and social wellbeing of elderly people. Meanwhile, the Andalusia Government is aware of the social demands of elderly people, and has to give an answer to the services currently existing, adapting them the specific needs of the beneficiaries. In that line, it was created the Card Junta 65 as an agile system of services for elderly people, by a single document, ending with a lot of formalities (Decree 76/2001).
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Social participation: increase the number of older people who are socially activeCommunity support and health services: increase in client-oriented and -centered made to measure health and social care and servicesTransportation: increase in transport suitable for older people
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Target group
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People over 65 years old
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> 100.000
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65 - 7980+
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AdvocacyUser-empowerment and participation
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Prototype and implementation: level 7-9
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Cultural institutionPrivate companySmall and medium-sized enterprise (SME)Provider of social service
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BuildingIn a care settingBuildingIn a residential settingRegional levelRoomIn a care settingRoomIn a residential setting
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It can be visited by other regions in order to see how it is organize in Andalusia to do the same in their regions.
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(Social) Housing organisationCultural institutionNon-governmental organisationPrivate companySmall and medium-sized enterprises (SME)Provider of medical goodsProvider of social service
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Is your initiative economically sustainable and does it contribute to economic development?: 
The Card Junta 65 is economically sustainable, taking into account, for example, that for the year 2014 it has been save by elderly people in Andalusia more then 8,4 million euro with the discounts that are offered by the Card: public transport, dinning rooms, discounts in optical goods, hearing aids and in a lot of leisure places, legal advice service, access to the andalusian tele-assistance service, etc.
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- It is the document of reference in active ageing in Andalusia. - Each year there are more and more beneficiaries of the Junta 65 Card. In the year 2014, there have been 52.105 new beneficiaries. - It fosters and promotes the business sector, so it is a tool that have a very positive economical impact. The Card Junta 65 has more then 1000 collaborative enterprises. - It fosters the promotion of the personal autonomy and the prevention of the dependency. - 8 from 10 people over 65 years old have the Card Junta 65, because of all the advantages it has.
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