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Public Social welfare Organisation of Mechelen (Social Huis Mechelin) and the Municipality of Mechelen
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Wendy Absillis
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The Public social welfare organisation of Mechelen in cooperation with the Local Health Platform of Mechelen (LOGO vzw) build up a demonstration house “Healthy@Home” to showcase “(un)healthy living”. The demonstration house was designed with low-threshold practical information about healthy and energy efficient living. Information also focuses on fall prevention for older people confronted with body-instability or balance problems because of health problems. Service users are led through the house room by room in an interactive way, accompanied by the ‘healthy@home-guide’. Different rooms address different problems : humidity and fungus, cigarette smoke, vermin and pests, air freshening, garbage storage, etc. Participants are also asked to bring in their own suggestions and solutions about unhealthy conditions. Together with the ‘healthy@home-guide’ they a list of easy, affordable and instantly applicable guidelines was completed. The project mainly focused on underprivileged groups, but a lot of professionals in the social housing sector and social welfare sector also visited the demonstration house.
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Local funding
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A vaste number of low-rent houses/flats available on the housing market in Flanders – and especially in Mechelen – have poor housing and home conditions caused by damp and mould, low energy efficiency and inadequate heating, inadequate water supplies and sanitation. Behaviours can be responsible for carbon monoxide or cleaning product poisoning because as the result of bad ventilation and contribute to fuel poverty or mice infestation in case of improper food storage. Research suggests that 1 out of 5 dwellings in Flanders have problems with humidity and fungus. Poor housing conditions have a detrimental impact on physical health (respiratory problems such as asthma, skin problems, allergies, headaches, gastro-intestinal pain, etc.) as well as mental health (state of tireness, dizziness, amnesia, mood swings, etc.). This problem mostly affects people from lower income, people with migrant background, single-parent, older people, Due to money restriction, they are most likely to accept to live in such places to save on the montly rent.
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Community support and health services: increase in client-oriented and -centered made to measure health and social care and services
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The aim is to improve health for service users and informal carers and the access to access to information and services. This is done by raising awareness about unhealthy living conditions and to inform target groups about the risk of unhealthy living. The project had an important didactic and pragmatic effect. Participants are able to make their own homes healthier by using the easy and practical guidelines offered to them during the demo-tours.
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User-empowerment and participation
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Non-governmental organisationProvider of social service
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BuildingIn a different setting, please specify
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Non-governmental organisationProvider of social service
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The Healthy@home project was transferred to different Flemish cities and villages, with similar positive effects.
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In Mechelen the project was launched in 2014. There is potential that the initiative will be established as several demonstration houses in Flanders have been opened earlier and still exist.
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The project had an important didactic and pragmatic effect. Participants can instantly make their own homes healthier, by using the easy and practical guidelines offered to them during the demo-tours. The demonstration house did strengthen and extend the network of people and organisations involved in this topic. Several organisations implemented “healthy living” in their social- and healthcare policies.
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Other, namely
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Qualitative evaluation
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