Patient Safety and Clinical Pharmacy

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Patient Safety and Clinical Pharmacy
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St Maarten Hospital Mechelen and WZC Hof van Egmont nursing home
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Wendy Absillis
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Communication problems in medicine use can often lead to unintented intakes of double doses, or problems with the restart of medicinal treatments. The initiative has a preventative focus as it addresses and prevents unsafe medication practice. The initiative is developed in the local hospital AZ Sint Maarten in Mechelen, and more specifically the hospital pharmacy. To improve communication flows about medicinal information and follow-up of patients medicinal treatments between the hospital and the participating nursing home WZC Hof van Egmont a new communication procedure was developed. The procedure includes the following: If a resident of the nursinghome Hof van Egmont is taken into hospital AZ Sint Maarten, the clinical pharmacist will check the ‘medicinal profile’ of the patient/resident and do a close follow-up during the residents stay in the hospital. The medicinal profile will be carefully checked on possible drug-drug interactions, actual times of intake of medication, possible errors due to formularium-switches. When the patient/resident gets discharged from the hospital, a complete and transparent discharge-letter is provided. The aim is a fast and instant briefing of carepersonnel in the nursinghome. One week after dischargement from the hospital, the pharmacist contacts the caregiver of the resident for a further follow-up of the medicinal treatment.
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National funding
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The need for an innovative communication system to reduce the amount of drugs taken by patients. The need for better communication about different medicinal-therapies. The need for sharing expertise and supervision between both fields, client care in (social) nursing homes and medicinal care in healthcare settings).
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Community support and health services: increase in client-oriented and -centered made to measure health and social care and services
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The practice aims at a better use of resources/cost reduction, as it aims to avoid the duplication of tasks. It also aims to improve quality of care and Improve co-ordination and continuity of health and social care and to enhance safety. It does this by improving the communication between professionals and about safe drug therapy between a hospital and a nursing home.
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65 - 7980+
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Living lab/pilot
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Prototype and implementation: level 7-9
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HospitalPrimary health care providersGeneral practitionerPrimary health care providersNursePrimary health care providersOtherProvider of medical goodsResidential long-term care facilities
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BuildingIn a care settingCity/municipality
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HospitalPrimary health care providersGeneral practitionerPrimary health care providersNursePrimary health care providersOtherProvider of medical goods
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Not known yet. The initiative is an ongoing pilot-case, it is momentarily difficult to judge the future implementation chances.
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The initiative is an ongoing pilot project so it is difficult to present key success factors at this stage.
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Few possible weaknesses have been spotted such as shortage of means and resources and a necessary time investment. Communication is never easy to improve.
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Other, namely
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