A new centre for social services to provide integrated health and social care

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A new centre for social services to provide integrated health and social care
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Social and health care concentration
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Prague Centre for Social Services (Centrum sociálních služeb, Praha 2)
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Czech Republic
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Jiří Horecký
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The Centre for Social Services in Prague 2, run by the City of Prague, provides a large scale of services. They combine the registration for social services (home, daily, respire and residential) and also the registration to provide health care services (called home care in the Czech Republic). The Centre is able to cover the needs of older people, from rarely and irregular home assistance and services to daily and respire care or residential care. With this system, the service user does not have to change the provider because of the change of his/her conditions and needs. This concept is rare in the Czech Republic. Usually the services are provided by regions, NGOs and church organisations. The cities usually guarantee only social care, so that the clients has to deal with two or three organisations.
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Community support and health services: increase in client-oriented and -centered made to measure health and social care and services
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From an organisational perspective, the initiative describes the lack of cohesion between health and social care for service users with complex problems, so the centres aim to improve co-ordination and continuity of health and social care. The initiative also aims for a better use of resources/cost reduction by enabling older people to stay longer at home.
Target group
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25 - 100
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65 - 7980+
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Validation: level 4-6
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Health service contractersOtherProvider of ambulatory health careProvider of social service
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City/municipalityRoomIn a different setting, please specify
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Health service contractersOtherPrimary health care providersNurse
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This programme has been transferred to other cities. There are couple of cities that offer the same centres ( for instance Plzeň).
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It is sustainable in the sense that it has been working that way for a consequent period of time
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