Long-term care: developing information centres and a new concept

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Long-term care: developing information centres and a new concept
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Vysočina Region
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Czech Republic
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Jiří Horecký
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At the national level, the idea is to develop a new concept for long-term care in the Czech Republic which aims to be user friendly and more cost efficient and implement them in pilot actions in Vysočina. This also includes the streamlining of two or more services and improving accessibility of services in the whole regions (especially the Vysočina – Highlands regions has problems to provide access to services). The concept will be introduced to both the ministries and the Houses of Parliament.
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Over the next three years a network of information centres of long-term care will be created in every bigger town in the Vysočina region. The information centres will gather all information about the providers of both social and health services and other services and proactively provide solutions for the needs of older people. The dedicated centres involve collaboratives with academic institutions to facilitate the flow of evidence for good practice. Information centres consisting of professionals have been created that will gather information about providers of health and social care, and disseminate this to service users helping them with their health and social care needs. Providers of care liaise closely with professionals at the contact centres to enhance co-operation and optimal flow of information and support the care needs of the client group. An academic group provides information about best practice to the new network through the assessment of new findings. Service users and their families will be contacted via internet, health care, professional consulting offices, departments of social affairs in municipalities, employment services in the Czech Republic, welfare officers and providers of social services. The Vysočina region, the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, the Polytechnic College of JIhlava as well as associations of social services providers and trade unions of employers are part of the project.
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National funding
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The national system of long term care is not effective and optimal. Both the providers, thus social services providers and health care providers are providing often similar tasks, yet with a different financial assessments and different conditions and frameworks. Moreover, the communication between those two sectors is limited by a relatively strong border and barrier between the social and health care services.
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Communication and information: increase in communication and information suitable for targeted at older peopleCommunity support and health services: increase in client-oriented and -centered made to measure health and social care and services
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From an organisational perspective, this example describes the need to improve care co-ordination because of different operational frameworks and financial systems of health and social care. The cooperation of the centres with health and social care providers aim for a better use of resources/cost reduction, to improve health and the quality and continuity of care for service users and informal carers. Moreover, the centres aim to improve access to information and services. In addition, the centres want to change the current health and social care systems by creating new forms of working and improving knowledge and understanding.
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65 - 7980+
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Prototype and implementation: level 7-9
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Health service contractersPublic authorityPrimary health care providersGeneral practitionerPrimary health care providersNurseProvider of social service
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City/municipalityRegional level
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Health service contractersPublic authorityPrimary health care providersGeneral practitionerPrimary health care providersNurseProvider of social service
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The aspirational outcomes are the following: - significantly higher comfort for people caring for their close persons dealing with specific situations in life, when they are in need of social and health services, - notifications on capacities (e.g. home health care), - improved effectiveness of public funds for assurance of social and health services and improved distribution of social and health services for people in need, - behaviour changes in target groups, - establishment of a unified database with continuous updates to provide information for consulting on social and health services, - improved awareness of citizens about social and health services, - utilisation of the correct type of service matching the needs of particular citizens, - improved cooperation of providers of social and health services.
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