My Home Fits / The Home Test

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My Home Fits / The Home Test
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Mijn Huis Op Maat / Huistest
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Mijn Huis Op Maat
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more than 55 local communities in the Netherlands
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The Netherlands
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Josephine Dries
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Mijn Huis Op Maat is a webplatform containing all information about getting older and living independent at your own home. The heart of the platform is the Home Test: an online list of questions which enables you to check possible improvements to your home for independent living. This test (free) provides you with your personal chechlist. Local communities can participate in the Home Test: they 'subscribe' to the platform which opens up a more extensive set of solutions to the inhabitants who fill out the Home Test. For each point of improvement they are provided with several solutions that can make things safer and more comfortable in their homes. Apart from the information, the Home Test, the Mijn Huis Op Maat platform hosts a search engine for entrepeneurs that provide solutions for older people and can take care of things that need doing in their home. Mijn Huis Op Maat is a platform which can bring together the local authorities, the elder workers, older peoples associations, housing associations, care organisations and local entrepeneurs to cooperate and offer a simple and straightforward tool to their inhabitants, clients and customers. The tool is used also as an awareness tool to point older people at their possibilities to take the lead in their lives and make sustainable choices on how they want to live when older.
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Practical tool for awareness and information for older people on what improvements are possible in their own homes in order to leave independently for as long as they want. The tool is used by over 50 local authorities in the Netherlands and is meant to support local policy for independent living.
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Local funding
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There used to be a lot of policy talking about living independently however older people themselves never noticed something about this in their daily lives, were not aware of their own possibilities to prepare for this, nor their responsibilities in this. National and local policy goals in this topic are changing fast and awareness omong older people is poor.
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Housing: increase the number of older people living independently
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make stakeholders cooperate in a better way by giving them a tool they all benefit from make new technology in the homes of older people better known
Target group
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10.000 - 100.000
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65 - 7980+
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ImplementationPhysical adaptationsImplementationTechnology
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Stimulation of SME's (small and medium-sized enterprises)User-empowerment and participation
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Not applicable
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(Social) Housing organisationNon-governmental organisationOther
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BuildingIn a residential settingCity/municipality
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we are already scaling up in different Dutch municipalities, perhaps through translation and cultural changes the tool can be applied in other countries too?
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(Social) Housing organisationEnd-usersNon-governmental organisationOtherPrivate companySmall and medium-sized enterprises (SME)Provider of informal care
Please describe how you think your initiative could be transferred to other regions or contexts: 
Translated, literally and in a cultural way.
Is your initiative economically sustainable and does it contribute to economic development?: 
GeneratieThuis offers participants a contract for 4 years, for 2000€ a year. This provides access to the tool, availability of ready to use communication material, annual training of volunteers.
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Impact & outcome
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Low time effort for employees of the municipality, hands-on character of the tool, easy up-to-date, continuity guaranteed with working business modell.
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Other, namely
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