Multiprofessional medication evaluation

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Multiprofessional medication evaluation
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Eastern Savonia Central Hospital
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SUOMI / FINLANDMANNER-SUOMIPohjois- ja Itä-SuomiEtelä-Savo
Enonkoski, Rantasalmi, Savonlinna, Sulkava, Juva and Puumala
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Hannele Häkkinen
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The initiative was set in Eastern Savonia area (around 45 500 inhabitants) and involved several municipalities. It was a cooperation between primary health care and home care. Personal and household services refers to domestic activities and care. This pilot project run from 2003 to 2014 targeting service users receiving personal and household services. The profile of the average service user involved in the project was the one of a woman aged 86 receiving 17,7 different medicines. The medication evaluation is also ongoing in primary health care and hospital wards. From 2015,every home care team will use the method. A polyvalent team (nurse, doctor and pharmacist) evaluates the medication of service users. It is very important that nurses know the care recipient well. All team members have access to client/patient data and to their own specialized on-line-databases of each profession. How does it work? Nurses collect individual medical data and check actual current medication. Pharmacists check indications, dosages and times of administration and assess risk of side effects and interactions. Then all team members evaluate the medication and decide if changes are needed. if necessary, GPs make new prescription and change it in the electronic client/patient records and electronic prescription centre of Finland. In addition, GPs explain to nurses how to evaluate effects of medication changes. Nurses inform the care plan, service user, family members and practical nurses. They also takes care of the changes in medication at home.
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Local funding
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Finland has the most rapidly ageing population in Europe. Age correlates with morbidity and there is heterogeneity among elderly people in clinical, functional, and social impairment. Our aim is to make sure old people will not suffer from harmful drug interactions or side effects and they get all medication they need. The other point is to develop team work so that each social or health professional can do what he/she is best at.
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Housing: increase the number of older people living independently
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Health: improving the well-being of older people receiving personal and household services, enhance safety for the service user by preventing over-medication at home & prevent unnecessary hospitalisation. Public spending: reduce the use of medication
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250 - 1000
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65 - 7980+
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Living lab/pilot
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Not applicable
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Primary health care providersGeneral practitionerPrimary health care providersNursePrimary health care providersOther
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Regional levelRoomIn a residential setting
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Health service contractersOtherHealth service contractersPublic authorityPrimary health care providersGeneral practitionerPrimary health care providersNursePrimary health care providersOtherProvider of ambulatory health careProvider of medical goodsProvider of social service
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A clinical trial provided the platform for transferring the initiative but it is dependent on the availability of the appropriate professionals.
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Integration of social and health care and integraton of primary care and specialized health care will be one of the most important features of the social and health care reform in Finland (which is ongoing).
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Other, namely
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Qualitative evaluation
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