Using GIS mapping system for the investigation of elderly data, and promotion and support projects

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Using GIS mapping system for the investigation of elderly data, and promotion and support projects
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GIS for SC
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Holon Municipality
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Holon Municipality,
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Rinat Ben Noon, Ph.D
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In this presentation, I would like to share some test cases which I developed by GIS mapping system to building innovative information or to promote projects for senior citizens. The presentation displays geographic tools which are common in other urban areas, such as education or engineering.
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The GIS system is composed of layers of city maps; to make innovative information one should add geographic information dealing with senior citizens. Geographic information is any information that has MR or a precise address, for example: location of car accidents involving the elderly or public gardens and shopping centers in which the elderly gather. The following examples will demonstrate the way in which the maps were constructed. Each map will be attached to a "Recipe“: What you should ask from your local GIS office to produce similar maps.
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Local funding
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The need for innovative information on the location of the elderly residents, and the planning implications derived from that.
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Community support and health services: increase in client-oriented and -centered made to measure health and social care and servicesOutdoor spaces and buildings: increase in public spaces/buildings suitable for older peopleTransportation: increase in transport suitable for older people
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This paper presents a geographical method for locating and identifying the distribution of senior citizens in the city and secondary data resulting from the geographic dispersal
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> 100.000
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50 - 6465 - 7980+
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ImplementationTechnologyKnowledge transferOtherResearchInnovation/action/applied
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Health service contractersPublic authorityPrimary health care providersGeneral practitionerProvider of social service
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City/municipalityRegional level
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an Applied Research Tools and urban planning
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No stakeholders
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Project design Guide pfor lanning for Senior Citizens
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This is a planning tool, based on existing urban resources
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