Dementia friendly communities

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Dementia friendly communities
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Norwegian Health Association
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Randi Kill
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World wide
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Building dementia friendly communities by spreading knowledge and awareness about dementia and making it easier for people with dementia to take part in their local community.
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The campaign for more dementia friendly communities is organized so that mayors sign a collaboration agreement with us. In this agreement they commit to work towards becoming more dementia friendly, and take certain steps to facilitate this process. Municipalities who sign the agreement are given permission to use the campaign logo. We also provide this as a sticker for companies where personnel have participated in awareness workshops. The goal is to create dementia friendly communities that include people with dementia and make it easier for them to take part in everyday activities (going shopping, taking the bus, going to the bank, working out). We believe the key element is spreading knowledge about dementia and raising awareness in the local communities.
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Not for profit
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Inspired by similar activities in England and Scotland.
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Social participation: increase the number of older people who are socially activeRespect and social inclusion: increase in number of policies/strategies targeted at older peopleCivic participation: increase in possibilities for active civic participation of older people
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Even though this campaign is called dementia friendly, we think that a lot of what is going on could be age friendly awareness. The focus is on helping people out if they have troubles finding the right bus, using the ATM or finding groceries in a shop. A dementia friendly community is a friendlier community for all - also elderly people. We know the risk of dementia increases with age.
Target group
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> 100.000
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< 1818 - 4950 - 6465 - 7980+
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Knowledge transfer
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AdvocacyMedia campaignUser-empowerment and participation
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Not applicable
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City/municipalityNeighbourhoodPublic space
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As for now we see that the biggest effect has been in the domino effect - one community signs an agreement with us and neighbouring communities show interest in joining as well. We also use social media to reach new areas and spread information through our local groups within the organization.
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Chamber of CommerceHealth service contractersPublic authorityNon-governmental organisationPrimary health care providersGeneral practitionerPrimary health care providersNursePrimary health care providersOtherPrivate companyLarge companyPrivate companySmall and medium-sized enterprises (SME)
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see previous box.
Is your initiative economically sustainable and does it contribute to economic development?: 
Our initiative puts responsibility on the local government to include people living with dementia in the local community. Our hope is that this makes it easier for people to live at home for longer, reduce costs of nursing homes and improve life quality.
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Impact & outcome
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It does not cost the local governments anything to join the campaign with important aims with only positive side- effects.
What do you consider the main barriers to overcome in your initiative? If your initiative has not yet started, please indicate what you expect the main barriers to be.: 
Local governments and local businesses finding time and resources to run the workshops to spread knowledge about dementia. Spreading the word about the campaign to get the communities to join.
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Other, namely
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Qualitative evaluation
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