Carer+ training programme

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Carer+ training programme
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Carer+ training programme
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Carer+ project website
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IPERIA L'Institut
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Gloria Ortiz
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Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP) (2007-2013) European Union
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An interdisciplinary and international team of 14 institutions launched the Carer+ project in 2012 for care-workers all around Europe. The project identifies and enhances ICT competences of care-workers who support older persons at home - anticipating a new and vital role for care workers. Introducing new, easy-to-use internet-based technology tools for older, during 3 years scientific research, a competence framework, curriculum and training tools in theory and practice, training for trainers and policy exchange visits as well as an open online learning space and community for care-workers will be put in place to realise the challenging aims of the project.
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European funding
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Housing: increase the number of older people living independentlySocial participation: increase the number of older people who are socially activeRespect and social inclusion: increase in number of policies/strategies targeted at older people
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To equip cares with the required set of digital competences to support older people (+65) in their use of ICTs and AAL (Ambient Assisted Living) technologies in order to enhance their professional status and impact positively on the quality of life, autonomy and safety of those in their care
Target group
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Not specifically
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250 - 1000
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65 - 79
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Living lab/pilot
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Not applicable
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Non-governmental organisationResearch/educational setting
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European level
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The Carer+ training programme can be replicated in other countries, adapted to the local context and eventually language. Carer+ training programme is available in English and all piloting countries languages: French, Spanish, Italian, Romanian and Latvian.
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End-usersNon-governmental organisationPrimary health care providersGeneral practitionerProvider of informal careResearch/educational setting
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The Carer+ training programme contents can be quite easily translated and adapted to local cultural and social context.
Is your initiative economically sustainable and does it contribute to economic development?: 
The training programme requires at least 6 months of training, including 40 hours of face-to-face sessions and 160 hours of distance learning. This means that it can be more easily implemented in those countries or regions that have already training programmes for carers where the Carer+ contents could be integrated.
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Impact & outcome
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After the Carer+ training programme, a majority of care workers and informal carers declared the homecare they delivered was enhanced an enriched by digital competences and tools: over a 70% claimed they would use a tablet device in their caring practice in the future. Then, they considered that the quality of life of the older people was improved, especially in relation to their mental/emotional well-being, the attitudes toward ICTs and the capacity and competence to use ICTs.
What do you consider the main barriers to overcome in your initiative? If your initiative has not yet started, please indicate what you expect the main barriers to be.: 
The devices used for the training (tablets with internet connection) are in some countries too expensive for a majority of older people. Internet connection services are also frequently expensive, specially considering the medium pensions in certain EU countries.
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Other, namely
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Own questionnaires
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Observational studiesQualitative evaluation
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