Professional network for careworkers

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Professional network for careworkers
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Professional network for careworkers
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Network for the professionnalisation of family employments
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IPERIA L'Institut
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Gloria Ortiz
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IPERIA L'Institut is the French Institute for the professionalisation of family employment. It was created in 1994 to promote the recognition and professionalisation of the family employment sector. IPERIA develops several programmes and training adapted to the needs of care workers 380 labelled training organisations. Around 3000 care workers certified per year (3 official French Diploma concerning three activities : household workers, life assistant, child care) and 86 training modules are available for 2015. This training offer has enabled to complete 175 000 training paths during the last 20 years.
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In this framework, IPERIA's innovation initiatives include the creation of a professional network for care workers. This network enables to professional careworkers to create a profile and an E-portfolio, to share and exchange knowledge and experience with other careworkers and to create a network of professional contacts. (Youtube short video and tutorial ).
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Not for profit
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The French carer relay points, several EU projects and other initiatives enabled to give different purposes and uses to this professional network. There are currently projects to further develop and improve the features of this professional network so as for instance to link it to job offers and people interested on home care services.
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Community support and health services: increase in client-oriented and -centered made to measure health and social care and services
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Target group
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250 - 1000
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Living lab/pilot
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Not applicable
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Non-governmental organisation
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The professional network for professional care workers can be easily adapted to other scales with the appropriate communication and support activities.
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Primary health care providersGeneral practitioner
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Professional care workers taking care of older people exist as a professional profile in all EU countries despite some differences. When they deliver home care services they face all isolation and lack of peer-to-peer support and motivation. Social networks can be a solution to get the professional care workers of a certain area connected, promoting peer-to-peer learning, exchange of experiences and good practices for a better and smarter home care, improving the quality of life of older people.
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This initiative is has low infrastructure costs and can be a driver for job creation if linked to the demand of home care services.
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Impact & outcome
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The key success factors are a good communication campaign and the support to motivated users enabling the dissemination of the social network
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The main barriers are a lack of a structured implementation, lack of technical support for starters and user who are not used to ICT and lack of follow-up and coordination of discussion groups and sections of the social network.
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