Carer+ Digital Competence Framework

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Carer+ Digital Competence Framework
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Carer+ DCF
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Carer+ Digital Competence Framework
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IPERIA L'Institut
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Gloria Ortiz
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The CARER+ consortium is a diverse, motivated group of European organisations that are committed to contributing to The Digital Agenda for Europe, making digital literacy and skills a priority for care workers and caregivers, and to Active Ageing. The consortium is led by IPERIA L’Institut (FR). It is composed by 13 organisations from 8 different EU Member States.
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The Carer+ Digital Competence Framework was created as an essential instrument to define and categorise the knowledge, skills and competences of a digitally competent care worker, it is based on Domains, Competence Areas, Competences, Examples of Learning Outcomes, and Application Levels.
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European funding
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The Carer+ DCF was reviewed by a panel of external experts who considered it sound and well-structured. The results from the pilots’ developed in the framework of Carer+ confirmed the relevance of the ICT competences applied to promote and enhanced home care service and active ageing.
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Community support and health services: increase in client-oriented and -centered made to measure health and social care and services
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The Carer+ DCF was the basis to develop and test a training programme, which enabled to validate the overall hypothesis underlying Carer+ project, consisting on the fact that care workers are the « missing link » between the digital tools and older people.
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250 - 1000
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Knowledge transfer
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Living lab/pilot
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Non-governmental organisationPrimary health care providersGeneral practitioner
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European levelInternational levelNational level
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The Carer+ DCF can be widely scaled up by adapting it for the elaboration of training programmes on digital competences for professional care workers
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Primary health care providersGeneral practitioner
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The Carer+ DCF was elaborated at EU level, with the participation of several partners and experts from all EU in order to be as much generalisable as possible
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The Carer+ DCF can be easily integrated in the already existing training programmes for professional care workers in order to complement it with digital competences
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The key success factor was the combination of complementary partners for its elaboration and the validation by external experts also from different EU member states and fields of expertise
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The main barrier can be the complexity and level of detail of the Carer+ DCF, which can require a certain analysis period in order to check its transferability.
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