TRAining and recognition of informal Carers sKills - EU project

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TRAining and recognition of informal Carers sKills - EU project
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TRACK EU project
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IPERIA L'Institut
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Gloria Ortiz
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TRACK is aimed at contributing at increasing the labour market relevance of VET provision and reducing skills mismatches and shortages in the field of care, through the development of a training programme addressing informal caregivers and particularly endowing them with skills for the enhancement of independent living and active ageing as well as skills for the everyday care of people affected by dementia.
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European funding
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We believe that the development of a training programme tailored to informal caregivers needs and possibilities is a key success for the implementation of the whole project and the completion of its objectives. This training programme is still to be developed, since the project has just started, so this hypothesis will be validated in the future months
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Community support and health services: increase in client-oriented and -centered made to measure health and social care and services
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In the context of the European ageing society, with an estimated population of 5.5 millions of people affected by dementia (OECD, 2012), the need for professionals in the field of caring is more and more urgent. By 2050, average public spending for health and long-term care in countries of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and development (OECD) may rise to 10-13% of the Gross Domestic Product (European Commission, 2007). In this framework, the project will contribute to: i) respond to an increasing need for care professionals thereby increasing the labour market relevance of VET; ii) respond to the needs of skilled professionals to support independent living of people affected by dementia and iii) providing to informal caregivers the opportunity to become recognised and certified workers in the field of care thereby reducing skills mismatches and shortage affecting this area.
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250 - 1000
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Knowledge transfer
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Living lab/pilot
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Not applicable
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Non-governmental organisation
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TRACK project can be easily replicated since their results and products will be elaborated by a consortium of partners coming from different EU members states and with complementing fields of expertise and experience
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End-usersPrimary health care providersOther
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TRACK project will elaborate a course for informal caregivers that will be available in several EU languages (English, French, German and Spanish). The general documents of the project will be also available in English.
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The TRACK project results and deliverables will be available under a creative commons license and so open to the general public. The already existing informal caregivers associations will have free access to this materials in order to implement and test them.
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The key success of TRACK project will be a properly adapted and tailored training programme enabling to informal carers to improve their care and their future employability
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The main barriers can be inadequate timing of the training programme resulting in low success and completion rates
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Observational studies
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