The Covenant repository displays notable examples of innovative solutions for age-friendly environments in Europe. Its objective is to exchange knowledge, foster synergies and contribute to the scaling up of these initiatives.

You may already consult below a list of existing initiatives, covering the 8 domains of WHO age-friendly environments strategy: housing, transport, community services & health services, outdoor spaces & buildings, social participation, respect & social inclusion, civic participation & employment, communication & information. Do not hesistate to consult the guidance available here.

Do not hesitate to submit your own initiative(s) as well to share it/them with our large network and get in touch with potential partners. To make it easier for you, a guidance document is available here.

Spain ESPAÑA BilbaoThe Government of Biscay decided to use the Active Ageing Index (AAI) and the Healthy Life Years to monitor the comprehensive strategy set up in 2013 for the elderly. To start this monitoring work, The Observatory of the Elderly in Biscay, a...OtherRead more
France Orne AlençonTRACK is aimed at contributing at increasing the labour market relevance of VET provision and reducing skills mismatches and shortages in the field of care, through the development of a training programme addressing informal caregivers and...Non-governmental organisationRead more
Carer+ Digital Competence Framework
France Orne AlençonThe Carer+ Digital Competence Framework was created as an essential instrument to define and categorise the knowledge, skills and competences of a digitally competent care worker, it is based on Domains, Competence Areas, Competences, Examples of...Non-governmental organisationPrimary health care providersGeneral practitionerRead more
IPERIA's professional network for care workers
France Orne AlençonIn this framework, IPERIA's innovation initiatives include the creation of a professional network for care workers. This network enables to professional careworkers to create a profile and an E-portfolio, to share and exchange knowledge and...Non-governmental organisationRead more
France Orne AlençonAn interdisciplinary and international team of 14 institutions launched the Carer+ project in 2012 for care-workers all around Europe. The project identifies and enhances ICT competences of care-workers who support older persons at home -...Non-governmental organisationResearch/educational settingRead more