The Covenant repository displays notable examples of innovative solutions for age-friendly environments in Europe. Its objective is to exchange knowledge, foster synergies and contribute to the scaling up of these initiatives.

You may already consult below a list of existing initiatives, covering the 8 domains of WHO age-friendly environments strategy: housing, transport, community services & health services, outdoor spaces & buildings, social participation, respect & social inclusion, civic participation & employment, communication & information. Do not hesistate to consult the guidance available here.

Do not hesitate to submit your own initiative(s) as well to share it/them with our large network and get in touch with potential partners. To make it easier for you, a guidance document is available here.

Slovenia SLOVENIJA LjubljanaSocial service is contained from assistance in domestic and other chores in the event of disability, ageing, illness, accidents and other cases where such assistance is necessary to include people in everyday life. It includes pedicure, hairdressing...Provider of social serviceRead more
Estonia The objective of the service is to increase the feeling of security of the elderly and disabled people by using the mobile alarm button service. The objective of the service is not receiving ordinary home services and personal help service (for...Provider of social serviceRead more
Spain ESPAÑA Valencia“Smart technologies for self-service to seniors in social housing” – HOST – is a AAL funded project (AAL-2010-3-041) aimed to provide easy‐to‐use technologies and services in social housing flats to allow better quality of communication and a better...(Social) Housing organisationProvider of informal careRead more
Poland The primary objective of the project is strength the cooperation mechanisms and tools among stakeholders working in the field of active and healthy ageing.OtherRead more
Spain ESPAÑA Basque Country"Friendly Cities for All" is a citizen science project in which Secondary Education (ESO) students get involved in the reporting of urban accessibility of their environment. To this end, a space for collaboration between ESO students,...Citizen's initiativeNon-governmental organisationResearch/educational settingRead more