The Covenant repository displays notable examples of innovative solutions for age-friendly environments in Europe. Its objective is to exchange knowledge, foster synergies and contribute to the scaling up of these initiatives.

You may already consult below a list of existing initiatives, covering the 8 domains of WHO age-friendly environments strategy: housing, transport, community services & health services, outdoor spaces & buildings, social participation, respect & social inclusion, civic participation & employment, communication & information. Do not hesistate to consult the guidance available here.

Do not hesitate to submit your own initiative(s) as well to share it/them with our large network and get in touch with potential partners. To make it easier for you, a guidance document is available here.

Spain Vizcaya BilbaoeZaintza is a system that provides care for people with problems of temporal and spatial orientation, and support for their carers. Its aim is to improve self-esteem, confidence, wellbeing and, at the end of the day, the autonomy of people, in...Health service contractersPublic authorityResearch/educational settingRead more
Spain Vizcaya BilbaoKineage system is divided into two sections, devoted to physical and cognitive rehabilitation respectively: Physical Rehabilitation: This part of the game consist of three different levels in which the user should collect various objects...HospitalPrimary health care providersPhysiotherapistResidential long-term care facilitiesRead more
Cognitive rehabilitation and prevention from disability
Spain Vizcaya BilbaoThis practice has just recently been completed and local institutions through the Regional Government (Diputación Foral de Bizkaia), are looking forward to extending the experience to further similar environments for the maximum population benefit...(Social) Housing organisationHealth service contractersPublic authorityHospitalNon-governmental organisationProvider of informal careProvider of social serviceResearch/educational settingResidential long-term care facilitiesRead more
Durango, Age Friendly City, a cross-sectoral collaboration example
Spain Vizcaya Durangothey may engage in participatory proccesses that examine how fiendly their municipality is towards seniors in terms of housing, transportation, outdoor spaces and buildings, community support and health services, communication and information, civic...Citizen's initiativeProvider of social serviceResearch/educational settingRead more
France FRANCE ParisALFRED will realize a virtual mobile, personalized Butler for elderly people helping them to stay independent, to coordinate with carers and to foster the active participation in society. This assistant will be realized as a mobile device running...HospitalNon-governmental organisationPrivate companySmall and medium-sized enterprise (SME)Provider of informal careResearch/educational settingRead more