The Covenant repository displays notable examples of innovative solutions for age-friendly environments in Europe. Its objective is to exchange knowledge, foster synergies and contribute to the scaling up of these initiatives.

You may already consult below a list of existing initiatives, covering the 8 domains of WHO age-friendly environments strategy: housing, transport, community services & health services, outdoor spaces & buildings, social participation, respect & social inclusion, civic participation & employment, communication & information. Do not hesistate to consult the guidance available here.

Do not hesitate to submit your own initiative(s) as well to share it/them with our large network and get in touch with potential partners. To make it easier for you, a guidance document is available here.

United Kingdom Shropshire and Staffordshire LichfieldASSISTANT contributes to maintaining the mobility of older people in Europe, in order to safeguard their social and economic participation in an increasingly ageing society. It does this by helping them to travel safely and independently by public...Non-governmental organisationPrivate companyLarge companyPrivate companySmall and medium-sized enterprise (SME)Research/educational settingRead more
United Kingdom Lancashire CC LancashireMeaning for science and Europe: The innovative I-ACCEPT-AD approach provides the necessary knowledge basis for empowering current and future generations of older individuals with many symptoms. It delivers multidisciplinary and integrated knowledge...Primary health care providersGeneral practitionerPrimary health care providersNurseRead more
Sweden Stockholm City of StockholmGOALS FOR ELDERLY CARE IN THE CITY OF STOCKHOLM Elderly care in the City of Stockholm shall be characterised by high quality, influence, individualisation and security. The nature of the support provided shall be characterised by the right to...(Social) Housing organisationHealth service contractersPublic authorityNon-governmental organisationPrivate companyLarge companyPrivate companyMicro-enterprisePrivate companySmall and medium-sized enterprise (SME)Provider of social serviceResidential long-term care facilitiesRead more
La Vida Eco Village
Spain Tarragona L'Ametlla de MarLa Vida Eco Village is a retirement village in l’Ametlla de Mar, Tarragona, which provides the opportunity for its community to live healthy, engaged and active lifestyles. The Village offers services specifically designed to optimise well-being...Private companySmall and medium-sized enterprise (SME)Read more
Germany DEUTSCHLAND MunichWe support people over 50 who are at risk of poverty in old age and play with the idea of starting a business. Due to the demographic development, a growing number of people in Germany are affected. For many, the start-up is the only way to a...Private companyMicro-enterprisePrivate companySmall and medium-sized enterprise (SME)Read more