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AFE-INNOVNET Towards and age-friendly Europe


According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), physical and social environments are key determinants of whether people can remain healthy, independent and autonomous long into their old age. Creating age-friendly environments is therefore one of the most effective approaches to respond to demographic change. Although many innovative solutions to address Europe’s demographic change have been developed these past years, we lacked a Europe-wide structure bringing together local and regional authorities and other stakeholders to support their scale-up. Read More

Featured News

Adoption of the Connecting Europe Facility: investment for Europe's digital future
Connecting Europe Facility

On 26 February, the European Parliament approved the "Connecting Europe Facility" (CEF), the EU's new funding mechanism for infrastructure projects of common interest for trans-European transport, energy and telecoms networks. Read More

International Design for All Foundation
International Design for All Foundation

The Design For All Foundation gathers a group of leaders of the companies, organisations, and administrations which aim to promote, disseminate, develop and manage the Design for All approach.
Each year, the International Design for All Foundation Awards recognise achievements in the field of design for all by governments, businesses, not-for-profit organisations and professionals from all over the world. In doing so, they aim to demonstrate that the implementation of design for all/universal design in any form contributes towards improving quality of life for everyone. Read More

Wales: The Government of Wales Declaration of the Rights of Older People
Llywodraeth Cymru Welsh Government

The Welsh Government launched a public consultation on the draft Welsh declaration of the rights of older people. Such Declaration is expected to impact the lives of a growing cohort of almost 600,000 people in Wales aged 65 years and over. Read More

Flanders: Launch of the campaign “Let your voice be heard now!” for the upcoming elections

On 25 May 2014, Belgian citizens will vote for the regional, federal and European elections. The Flemish Elderly Council and the 4 Flemish umbrella organisations of elderly care (among which VVSG, AFE-INNOVNET partner) are asking mayors and aldermen to provide accessible polling stations to older adults. They asked that nursing homes can act as polling stations or that transportation to those stations are provided for frail elderly. Read More

Why we joined

For us, it is fundamental to be involved from the first stage in designing and developing EU tools that can help local and regional authorities advance their policy goals.

As a European network- bringing together different actors in the field of ICT-led solutions – there is a lot of added value to bring. Not only in terms of facilitating contacts between local/regional authorities and research partners, private sector and civil society, but also to give a platform for everyone to exchange on their experiences, ideas and innovations. Read More

Highlighted Projects

Launch of CAP4Access, the Collective Awareness Platforms for Improving Accessibility in European Cities & Regions

Launched in January 2014 and co-funded by the FP7 Programme, CAP4Access aims to develop and pilot-test methods and tools to raise awareness about barriers faced by persons with limited mobility, and also to encourage action to remove such barriers. Read More

Final conference of the Design-led Innovations for Active Ageing project
Design-led Innovations for Active Ageing

The Design-led Innovations for Active Ageing project, co-funded by the Interreg IVC Programme, consists of a network of cities that drastically need to find economic and innovative yet sustainable solutions for senior care. Each city brings a best practice in the field of senior care and a need for a policy. Read More

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